How to Unclog Your Pool Pump Impeller! (video)

Worried your impeller is clogged? In this video, we’ll show you the warning signs (low PSI, slow moving pool vacuum, low pump pot) of a clogged impeller, and also how to fix your clogged impeller! It’s important to keep your pool pump running great, and this video will help show you how!

Signs your impeller is clogged…

There are 3 main signs that your impeller may be clogged:

  1. your pool vacuum is moving slow
  2. your pump pot is low
  3. your PSI gauge is low

Where is the clog?

Usually the culprit is debris in the pump motor. You can see in the cutout to the left, you’ll want to feel around with a screwdriver (NOTE: WHILE THE MOTOR IS OFF) and remove any leaves or foreign materials.

How to fix it!

  1. turn off the motor
  2. remove the pump cap
  3. remove the basket
  4. remove the debris with a screwdriver
  5. resemble
  6. prime the pump with water and test

If you are unclear, watch the VIDEO to see a demonstration!

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