kinked pool hose

Avoid Kinked Pool Vacuum Hoses For Good! (video)

Kinked vacuum hoses are the worst! Not only do they look ugly 🤢, they don’t clean your pool properly. Watch this quick video and then read the blog post to learn how to stop 🛑 this problem before it ever happens!

Why do they end up kinked or conformed?

A lot of time, when people have a party or people over to use the pool, they wrap up their pool vacuum hose like the photo above. The problem is that this shapes the hose to this form, even after only a short while!

Why is it bad?

If your hose goes back into the pool in this form, the vacuum won’t be able to function properly, and over time your pull will get dirtier and dirtier!

What to do instead!

Instead of wrapping the hose, lay it out straight when you take it out. This way, it won’t conform! If your hose is already beyond saving, consider buying a new one; just search Pool Vacuum Hose on Amazon!

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