Can you walk me through an issue over the phone?

We can help you diagnose a problem over the phone at no cost. And by sending us photos or video, we’re able to better identify your pool issues and advise on solutions.

Do I need to be an existing client for a repair or pool inspection?

At True Method we will help serve you even if we do not currently service your pool monthly. We will come out and inspect your equipment and pool at NO charge to you!

Do you offer a one-time service?

Of course! We’re here for all your pool service needs, including one-time visits.

Do you provide pool draining services?

We do perform pool drains at the proper time of year, which, for the safety of your pool, depends on local temperatures.

Do you require service contracts?

Nope! We’re flexible, and tailor our service to fit your needs.

Help, I have a green pool!

No problem! We do “green to clean” visits all year round.

I have a VRBO/vacation rental, how can you help.

Our VRBO clients are important to us. We understand the need for a meticulously clean swimming pool for your renters and guests, and are ready to serve your VRBO pool requirements.

I need help on a Saturday.

We at True Method understand that most people are home on Saturdays and that is why we work on Saturdays to be available to serve you on the phone or a visit at your home.

I want to learn to clean my pool myself.

Great! This is one of our specialties. We offer at-home, hands-on training experience for your pool equipment and chemistry needs. We also provide ongoing support for any questions you may have.

What form of payments do you accept?

We accept most major credit cards and checks.